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Translating & Interpreting for NGOs

Translating & Interpreting for NGOs

Communication is a key issue for non-government organizations. It is vital for NGOs to have access to a reliable interpreting and translation service that meets the language and communication needs of clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

My first-hand experience as a volunteer interpreter and translator has enabled me to understand NGOs’ specific needs and requirements – and helped me build a reliable network of interpreters and translators with broad experience in the field.

And it is thanks to this first-hand experience that I can provide a solid team of interpreters and translators and coordinate the linguistic, logistic and technical needs for any NGO event in Europe or elsewhere.

Interpretation for NGOs

NGOs operate on restricted budgets with a huge social commitment. I am used to finding cost-effective solutions to fulfill these needs.

If your NGO requires an interpretation service, look no further. Get in touch and I’ll work with you to find a tailored solution within your budget. I am also available for individual interpreting assignments.

And if you are an NGO and require a translation service for a marketing campaign, booklet, website, reports and other materials, I can help too.

Some of the NGOs I’ve worked with:


  • The UN
  • World Social Forum
  • European Social Forum
  • Babels network
  • ICVolunteers
  • Handicap International


  • War on Want
  • ATD Fourth World
  • Handicap International

If you’d like to speak to me about a translating or interpreting project then get in touch, or just start a live chat if I’m available…